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We replace the institutional system for the protection of the child with a system based on the concept of family.

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Team Hope

Team Hope at the 2016 Bucharest Marathon


Team Hope at the 2016 Bucharest Marathon


- October 8-9, Constitution Square -


Don't just be a runner, be a hero!



About Team Hope


Team Hope was born out of the desire to extend the fundraising and awareness efforts of Hope and Homes for Children in the community by creating new ways in which people - passionate or beginner athletes, sponsors, partners, volunteers, endorsers - could support the HHC activity dedicated to the most vulnerable children in Romania.


Ever since our first participation at the 2014 Bucharest Marathon, and then at the events in 2015, our dedication to this project made Hope and Homes for Children one of the official NGOs, and earned us the title of Top Supporting NGO twice in a row. At this very moment, Team Hope means:


  • 4 successful events
  • 2 Top Supporting NGO awards
  • more than 1,000 runners
  • more than 200 volunteers
  • dozens of sponsors and partners


Be a Team Hope Hero


The Bucharest Marathon on October 8-9, 2016 marks Team Hope's fifth participation in this event series, and once again we hope to have a big, beautiful, joyful team of runners. Will you join us? All you have to do is follow these steps:


1. Choose the race which suits you best and join Team Hope (click on the name of the race to go to the registration form):


  • Marathon (42.195 km in max. 6 hours) - The ultimate challenge for the most experienced and brave.
  • Half Marathon (21.097 km in max. 3 hours) - An excellent challenge for those who aren’t yet ready to run a full marathon.
  • Relay Race (4 x 10.548 km in max. 6 hours) - Teams of four runners running the race together.


2. Choose the ideal fundraising method from the guide you will receive via email and start fundraising.*

3. Fundraise at least 500 RON and build the path to a loving home for the children still living in orphanages.

4. Train, train, and then train some more!**

5. Run at the Marathon! Your friends in Team Hope will encourage you every step of the way.



*In less than 48 hours from the moment you register, you will receive a welcome email from our fundraising team, together with a comprehensive fundraising pack.

**Your welcome email will also contain a few useful training tips.


What you get in Team Hope*


  • The Team Hope running shirt.
  • Free registration to the race of your choice.
  • One-day vouchers for World Class.
  • A delicious pasta party at the Radisson to fill you up with energy on the evening before the race.
  • Snacks, drinks, cheering, and pampering at the Team Hope tent on race day.
  • Constant support from us, both before and on race day.
  • A comprehensive fundraising and training pack .
  • The status of Team Hope Hero and the chance to be part of a wonderful team.



*The complimentary pack is offered to runners who commit to fundraising at least 500 RON for Hope and Homes for Children. You can read more about the benefits included in the info pack at the bottom of the page.


Popular Race


You’re not ready to run one of the long races? Don’t worry, you can sign up for the 3.6 km Popular Race* (or, in the case of young people aged 13 to 17, the Teen Race). Registrations for this race are made directly on the organisers' website for a fee of 30/40/45 RON (depending on the time of registration). You should then choose Hope and Homes for Children from the dropdown list so that the fee is directed to us.



*In the case of runners registered for the Popular Race, fundraising is optional. Runners who choose not to fundraise will not benefit from the complimentary Team Hope pack described above. If you want to sign up for the Popular Race and also fundraise for our cause, please email us at


Kids Race


Our organisation works with and for children, so it felt natural for us to also participate, on October 8, in the Kids Race* dedicated to all children aged 5 to 12.


The 2015 Bucharest Marathon was the first event in which we have also signed up children, an initiative which proved to be a great success. The children had the time of their lives running together, they had ice cream prepared just for them, and they played superhero games for hours on end. In 2016, we want to have as many children as possible in Team Hope, both children included in our programmes, as well as children who simply want to support our cause, so we would be very happy if you’d choose to register your child in our team. If you want to sign a child up for Team Hope, please email us at



*To register children, a birth certificate (copy) and a medical proof of the child's ability to undergo physical effort are necessary. Children will run alone, with no parents or tutors/adults, except for children with special needs.




If you don’t run, but you'd still like to be part of the Team Hope family, you can sign up as a volunteer. We need a large team of volunteers to coordinate the two Team Hope presences on race day: the main tent in Constitution Square and the water point on the course. Sign up right now by filling in the volunteer form or, if you have more questions, email us at


Volunteer Form


You’re ready to be a Hero


Congratulations! You’re one step from becoming a fully fledged Team Hope Hero!


If you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to fill in the race registration form no later than September 25. Also, we encourage you to look over the official rules of the competition and the course maps.


Don’t forget that we are always here to support you with anything you need. All you have to do is email us at or call us at +40 731 497 402.



Thank you for choosing Hope and Homes for Children at the 2016 Bucharest Marathon.


Go Team Hope!




Team Hope Partners 2016 Bucharest Marathon

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